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Cagayan State University

The Cagayan State University was established in 1993 and the campus is in Tuguegarao City. This city is well known for the best study environment. The College of Medicine of this university is known as a center of excellence in the region and it is popular for offering the best medical education.

The Cagayan State University (CSU) is one of the highest high education institutions in Region 02, Philippines and also the only state college in the province of Cagayan. Under its charter, the college is mandated to meet its thrusts in Education, Research, Extension, and Generation. CSU consists of 8 empowering campuses which are strategically positioned in different areas of the state that strives to exploit both its natural and human sources. Throughout its mandates, it serves as a catalyst for regional growth through the provision of quality instructional services, along with the conduct of scientific study, packaging, transport, and commercialization of technologies through extension services to the neighborhood.

Cagayan State University – Overview

Established:11 June 1978
Total MBBS Seats:250
Tuition Fees:Rs 2.25* lakhs per year
Living Expenses:Rs 14,000 –  Rs 16,000 approximate per month.
Accommodation:Hostel facilities are available both in –campus and outside campus. The hostel is completely secured 24×7 with CCTV Surveillance.
Food:Indian Food in Canteen. Both Veg and non-Veg food available in Canteen. Food prepared by Indian Chef
Medium of Instruction:English
Course Duration 5 Years and 8 Months
College ManagementGovernment
Admission season startSeptember
Affiliated To:Cagayan State University
Recognition and Listing:National Medical Commission (NMC),
World Health Organization (WHO). Commission on Higher Education (CHED),
United States Medical License Examination (USMLE),
Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG),
Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).
Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC).
Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP)
Affiliated Hospital:East Avenue Medical Center, Veterans Memorial Medical Center, San Lazaro Hospital AFP General Hospital
Other Names:Cagayan State University, CSU College of Medicine and Surgery, Cagayan College of Medicine and Surgery.
Address:Caritan Sur, Tuguegarao CityCagayan 3500
Cagayan State University College of Medicine and Surgery

Cagayan State University is one of the largest and finest state institutes of higher education in the terms of student enrollment and various programs offered in the Cagayan region. Cagayan State University was established through presidential decree 1436. It was later changed by Republic Act 8292 by the amalgamation of all educational institutes of Cagayan. This is one of the most admired medical university in the Philippines among students because it has very low tuition fees as compared to other medical colleges. Especially this institute is the foremost choice of Indian students. The medical college of medicine was introduced in 1993 at Cagayan State University.

The Cagayan State University has a campus in growing areas in three districts of Cagayan with eight different campuses; The Aparri, Gonzaga, and Lal-Lo in the first district; the Piat, Sanchez-Miracampuses, and Lasam in the second district; and the Andrews and Cagayan State University Craig Campus in the third district in Tuguegarao City. In Andrews Campus, the president of the university fulfils the responsibility of the CEO. Other campuses are organized and run by a Chief Executive officer.

The Philippines government medical college offers you various courses in law, liberal arts, business, natural sciences, economics medicine, teaching, social sciences, allied professions, engineering and technology, agriculture, and fisheries. You can get all undergraduate and graduate courses of all universities in the region of Cagayan.  Dr Romeo R. Quilang was the former president of the Isabela State University and he was offered the post of CSU’s fourth president in March 2012.

The Cagayan State University has an escutcheon in the bordure of gules as its novel seal. Golden field from the map of Cagayan was used as a shield and this shield contains the institute’s name on its top. The motto of this CSU is “AD OPTIMUM EDUCANS”. It is a Latin term and it is explained as “educating for the best”. The year of granting university title is written at the bottom of the shield in Roman numeral.

Cagayan State University – History

The first and only state-run institution for higher education in Cagayan is Cagayan State University. It contributes to the development of tertiary education in the Philippines. Two institutes named the Cagayan Valley College of arts and trade at Tuguegarao and Northern Luzon State College of Agriculture at Piat was merged in 1978 to establish Cagayan State University.

On January 3, 1979, Dr Manuel T. who was the Corpus of the University of the Philippines declared as the president of the university. The first staff meeting of the University was held on January 5, 1979, to make a commitment for the University Administration.

The several officers were selected as per their capacities from two state colleges for smooth working. Before the development of the Gonzaga campus as the main campus, there was a central administration office in the CVCAT to centralize the operation.

The University starts the Faculty and Staff Development program to boost the educational experience of the faculty in 1979. The startup was a 50% discount on tuition fees. On 29 September 1979, the university board shifted all college courses of Aparri School of Arts and Trade to the AIT campus.

Cagayan State University – Infrastructure

The present college year was a witness to constructive alterations and infrastructure improvements across different campuses of Cagayan State University. There are large changes and development of infrastructure in all campuses of the Cagayan State University. There is a series of the building called “circa 50” which provides the best institutional facilities along with visual icons which represents the university motto: “educating for the best”. There is various policies i.e. curriculum for different courses, recruitment policy, faculty job and promotion, various faculty benefits, documents and other requirements for admission of students, scholarship of students, and various extension programs.

Cagayan State University Caritan and Cagayan State University Craig campus were amalgamated under Cagayan State University, Tuguegarao.  This university is very successful in the area of education and impartiality to rural society. It provides quality education and the infrastructure and other preparations are executing well. The better infrastructure within all the eight campuses encourages the students to study.

Physical advancement inside the eight campuses of the college is clear and is geared toward encouraging and developing greater ambitions among its inferior students. Modern buildings and relaxation rooms have been set up to provide the essential support to students around CSU. Cagayan State University provides Modern buildings and top-class study classrooms to their students. It has its own E-Library which was established on February 14, 2011, and become the first university in the region that offers the facility of E-Library.

Cagayan State University – classrooms, laboratories and library

There is the availability of necessary, modern, bright spaces adapted to current legislation. They fulfil the main function that is teaching practice and this is adapted to the teaching needs of the 21st century.

The classrooms are designed for the best use of the students, adapted to their needs and occupying the best and widest spaces. We eliminate architectural barriers and constantly seek the best supply of the necessary materials in this educational stage. The union of theory with practice allows the student to understand the reality of the world.

Many times, the theoretical explanations move at a level of abstraction that prevents the student from understanding what is being explained. That is why the laboratory becomes a unique practical experience. In it, the students contact reality and see with their own eyes what they cannot see on the blackboard. A true comprehensive training must include sufficient “laboratory practices” for the student to progressively understand the great events of reality. The laboratories are also as per the standards of the institutions in which students can enhance their learning through modern laboratories.

The library is one of our facilities at the service of all students to deepen their studies and have a place where they can work when they need it. It is a bright, modern space adapted to current legislation. The Cagayan State University became the first university in the region on 14 Feb 2011.

CSU – Center of Excellence

The overall performance of the Cagayan State University College of medicine and surgery in the licensure examinations makes it different from others. The college of law of CSU has gained a rank of 35 among 120 various law schools. There are lots of bar examination passers from CSU.  The students give a remarkable performance in every field such as medicines, accountancy, engineering, allied health sciences, etc.  There is a commendable percentage of passers in licensure examination from the College of Criminal Justice Administration. Cagayan State University offers a quality education at a low cost.

CSU the Philippines government medical college is known for best professional guidance for students who excel in medical research. The Cagayan Medical college also provides good support and expert guidance for research students shape their ideas to reality. The Philippines Medical college also conducts various seminars and conference that guides every students to upgrade their knowledge in the field of Medicine.

Cagayan State University Philippines contains various faculties and professionals in every department to ensure the Philippines Medical college maintains premium quality in education. The  Philippines Government Medical College also maintains excellent faculty to student ration to ensure every medical aspirant is noticeably taken care. Cagayan State Medical College is committed to uplift the health care education and deliver top quality doctors to the society.

Why choose Cagayan State University College of Medicine and Surgery

Cagayan State University is the first medical university in the region. It is a very popular college for medicine and surgery because of its affordable fee structure (2.25 lakhs per year). The university provides several vocational, graduate, postgraduate, and various health programs.

Cagayan State University College of Medicine and Surgery was established in 1993 in the main campus of Tuguegarao. This government medical college in the Philippines is one of the best institutes which provide top-quality medical education. This college is allied with Cagayan Valley Medical Center which is a popular training and teaching hub of medical education. The Philippines government medical college has attracted most Indian students looking for low cost MBBS abroad.

Sports and Cultural Activities

This is the only university that has its own jeepney transportation for the geographical region. Along with jeepney, there is a use of tricycles. There is a CSU choral society that works under the direction of the Vice-president for Academic Affairs. This Choral Society has performed in various concerts with the University of Symphony Orchestra.

There are Dance Troupes name “Athena Dance Troupe” and “Athena Rondalla” have gained fame and these troupes are regularly invited for dance performances. Cagayan Medical college the best Government Medical College in Philippines also encourages best unique talents of every individual students.

Philippines Government Medical College

Cagayan State University is one of the best Philippines government medical college for Indian Students for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • English as an official language in the Philippines, unlike Ukraine, Russia and China.
  • Internationally recognized university: They are internationally accredited and recognized by global institutions and employers and with English as the official language. The cost of living and tuition is also low compared to universities in countries like Russia and China, especially in their home country.
  • Low cost of living: The cost of living in the Philippines is very low. You can be a millionaire with just thousands of dollars. In the Philippines, you can rent a bedroom or apartment for $ 50 a month, not to mention cheaper food, clothing, and recreation.
  • In the Philippines, you can rent a bedroom or apartment for $ 50 a month, not to mention cheaper food, clothing, and recreation.
  • Favorable Climate Environment: The Philippines is undoubtedly an earthly paradise and considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You have green landscapes and beaches to relax. The climatic conditions are also favorable and better for your skin. You only have a wet and dry season.
  • Availability of Cadavers: Students need not practice on Plastic bodies as in case of medical colleges of China, Ukraine and Russia. There are sufficient Cadavers to practice with the real organs.

Cagayan State University Ranking

Cagayan State University world ranking remains the best among top Philippines Medical colleges accepting International students. The country rank of the Government Medical College in Philippines remains in 7th position among NMC approved medical colleges in Philippines. The Cagayan State University world ranking is 8256 according to latest statistical report which is far ahead top top ranking Philippines Medical Colleges.

  • Cagayan State University Country ranking : 7
  • Cagayan State University World Ranking : 8256

Cagayan State University Fees Structure

BS Biology7500 USD5,50,000
MD 13000 USD2,25,000
MD 23000 USD2,25,000
MD 33000 USD2,25,000
MD 43000 USD2,25,000
Total19,500 USD14,50,000 INR

Cagayan State University Hostel

One of the important concerns for every student studying at various universities in the living facilities. The Cagayan state university hostel is provided with all amenities and facilities for its students so that they may better concentrate in learning activities to become the future medical practitioner. The students are made comfortable in their hostel rooms to make sure they have comfortable stay during their studies.

Air-Conditioned Rooms

The hostel rooms are equipped with all basic facilities along with the Air conditioning. Every room in the hostel is air-conditioned to beat the heat of hot summers. The hostel is cleaned on a regular basis that requires the highest possible standard sanitary measures to prevent the spread of disease and maintain the morale of their occupants. 

Availability of RO drinking Water

As, water should be safe for drinking purpose and there should not be any contaminants, so it is vital to keep it clean and thus there are facilities of RO drinking water throughout the campus including hostels of Cagayan state university college of medicine and surgery.

24X7 CCTV surveillance

The security is very important for every student in the hostel. Maintaining orderly behaviour is essential. Routine security and orderly functions are tasks performed by the hostel staff; the most urgent aspects are the responsibility of the local staff who ensure compliance with the law. There is a 24X7 CCTV surveillance available in the hostel which ensures seamless security.


As today everyone knows the importance of connectivity and the internet. The hostels are equipped with the Wi-Fi facilities with very high-speed internet so that there should not be any hindrance to your learning and working on various projects.

Indian Warden

This is why Indians love to live their student life in hostels of Cagayan State University because the care is being given by the Indian warden and thus Warden do understand all your needs and give you a pleasant atmosphere to stay and bring more and more beautiful memories out of your hostel days.

Study Area for Students

The study is also very important not only when you are in your classroom but when you are in your hostel. You need not keep studying in your hostel room and there is a separate facility of the study area for everyone. Student can enhance their study experience in those areas.

Indian Food available in Canteen         

Food represents security and the feeling that someone cares for the person. Eating relaxes tension and dispels anxiety. There is the availability of Indian Food in the hostel for the hostelers in the canteen. The students will not miss their Indian food from various cuisines. The Indian chef prepares both veg and non-veg Indian healthy meals for the students.

Medical services

The task of medical services is to ensure that the sick and injured receive essential care; plan health protection measures, and provide emotional support. Continuous 24-hour medical supervision and nursing programs are essential to maintain standards and ensure the quality of care.  This Philippines Government Medical college makes every arrangement for International students to have a comfortable stay.


Ventilation is not a serious problem in many hostels, but clean air is of the utmost importance. This Philippines government Medical College knows the types of problems that can arise when doors or windows are closed during bad weather or when there is limited energy for air circulation, conditioning or heating. It must also be remembered that ventilation has a higher priority than lighting and for that reason, the first use that should be given to electrical energy will be to put the ventilation system into operation.